Stephanie Garmey at IA&A at Hillyer

Creativity and Art are at the heart of the Jenni Bick brand. Artwork that makes use of the book form in unique and interesting ways is naturally a favorite theme for us. That is why we are excited to be the sponsor for artist Stephanie Garmey’s show, Pathways, running March 6-29 at IA&A at Hillyer in Washington, D.C.

Invitation Stephanie Garmey

 In Pathways, Garmey creates tableaus of animals’ habitats from around the globe, inspired by these animals’ instinctual flow with the balance of their ecosystem. Each tableau incorporates a book structure that suggests the innate encyclopedia of knowledge of nature that guides each animals’ place in the world.

The books contain suggestions of migratory maps, daily paths, flora, and fauna. Each animal tableau has a presence of intelligence and dignity in each way of life. All of these animals are impacted by human lack of deference to the balance of nature and indeed our entire planet. In contrast, these animal tableaus bind artifacts of human origin with the animals’ natural worlds, reminding us of our ancient roots in positive and fruitful acknowledgment of animal power and coexistence.

Gray Crowned Crane - 3' H - beads, cut paper, wood, wax. 2016

Stephanie Garmey creates imagery inspired by her collection of natural objects, materials, and taxidermy animals. Her meditations on nature use a variety of media approaches: constructions and installations, book arts, painting, cut paper, embroidery, encaustics, wood, glass, drawing, and light.

Installation view of black tyvek cut paper tents with lights. Flying silhouettes of black tyvek birds. 2013

Tree of Knowledge (Detail) 2016

More of Garmey's work can be found here

About the IA&A at Hillyer:

The IA&A at Hillyer (formerly Hillyer Art Space) is a program of International Arts & Artists (IA&A), a nonprofit arts service organization dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding and exposure to the arts internationally. Hillyer is IA&A’s contemporary arts center based at our headquarters in Washington, DC. Committed to serving the public and supporting artists at all stages of their careers, Hillyer presents a series of exhibitions and programs that feature local, regional, and international artists. Hillyer was founded in 2006 and continues to provide significant support to both local and international artists, as well as presenting programs that reach a broad audience and create a platform for dialogue.  Their website can be found here.