A One of a Kind in the Making

Wondering what makes a One of a Kind truly one of a kind?
First, we start with huge leather hides.
Leather Hides
 We lay them out on the table and ooh and aah over the smells, colors, textures, and natural markings.  
Leather hides
The next step is to cut the leather down to size for our small and large size One of a Kinds.  We love to preserve the natural edges to make each journal truly unique!
Leather hides being cut
Once the leather is cut down to size, we carefully select the paper from our colorfully stocked shelves. It's fun to choose just the right pages from our collection of artist papers, lined pages, cardstock, and more.
We lay all of the pages out on the table to make sure each journal is getting just the right amount of care and attention. 
Each set of pages is called a "signature". We combine the carefully laid out papers to create the signatures - each journal is made up of 6 signatures.  
We loosely wrap the leather around each signature and then choose a complimentary thread and ribbon color.
 Now it's time for the bookbinding tools!  We hammer holes in the leather and poke holes in the paper signatures.
With everything carefully prepared, we can finally begin sewing the pages into the leather. 
The last step is to attach the ribbon or leather strap et voila!
beautifully crafted One of a Kind Leather Journal. 
One of a Kind Leather Journal
Which One of a Kind Journal is your favorite?