About Personalization

Leather journals look great personalized with embossing (also called debossing or engraving). Add your name or inscription to a notebook to make it uniquely yours. Please review the personalization details for the specific item you have chosen.

  • Our artisans will typeset your inscription by hand using individual letters
  • Fast turnaround time (24 hours)
  • See individual item pages for specific embossing details
  • Cost is $15 per line
  • Email info@jennibick.com or call us at (202) 721-0246 for help.
  • Sorry, we are not able to provide proofs for text personalization.


All standard text embossing is done in our house font GOUDY, which looks like this:

Goudy Text Embossing Personalization


Our embossers will choose the font size based on the book size and the length of your inscription. We have three font sizes in our set: 18 pt., 24 pt., and 36 pt. Generally, initials will be done in a larger font than full names, to keep the proportions balanced. 


Most items are embossed "blind," with no color fill, or with gold foil. Blind embossing uses a combination of heat and pressure to permanently brand the leather with your inscription. Gold embossing uses the same exact process, except we add in a thin layer of gold leaf as we press into the leather. Each item has specific recommendations for color. Other colors are available by special request.

Gold Embossing
Gold Embossing
Gold Embossing
Blind Embossing

How long can my inscription be?

Most items can be embossed with two lines of text embossing, up to 20 characters each (including spaces). Some larger items can have longer inscriptions, and some smaller ones will be limited to initials. Additional lines can be added by special request. Please see the individual item specs for details - we have made recommendations for each product. Bear in mind that small pocket books will not have enough room for long inscriptions.

Personalization Examples

Test Inscriptions

Logos and Images

Logos and graphics can be embossed. Extra time and cost are needed to have your design made into a custom metal stamp. Please email info@jennibick.com for more information.

Special Requests

We are happy to help you with special requests if you want a different color or position for your inscription. Just add a note to your order and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Personalization Examples

Because all embossing and logo imprinting is done by hand, some variation is to be expected.