About Us

It has always been about the books.

Blank pages waiting to be filled, bound inside a cover. That's what Jenni Bick is all about.

Some people keep a journal for daily notes and everyday reminders. Others choose to do their creative writing and personal reflecting in a journal. Most journal-keepers do a bit of both in their notebooks. At Jenni Bick, we believe the right tool can elevate the experience and foster your creativity and productivity. The blank pages inside represent your untapped potential and your story yet to be written.

Every journal and notebook in our collection is carefully chosen and crafted to help you fulfill your potential and write your story.

Robby and Jenni Bick

If you're a book person, you understand.

Jenni started making books in 1990, crafting pretty handmade journals and photo albums on her kitchen table, and toting them up and down the east coast to sell at independent bookstores and craft fairs. To improve her craft and learn more about the art of bookbinding, she started importing the magnificent leather bound books she found in little workshops in Italy. When we began to learn about personalizing these books with names and logos, we knew we had found a business we could love and sustain for life.

25 years later, the business has grown to include Jenni's husband Robby, a crew of 14 dedicated fellow book-lovers, and a tribe of almost half a million satisfied customers. Together, we work hard every day to share our passion with you. We are dedicated to bringing you the best books we can find, decorated as artfully as we can manage, and chosen just for you. After all, you are the one who will fill it, who will give it life; our job is just to make that possible.

Sewing in pages

Cutting Leather

Our mission is to put the book that's just right into your hands.

We are people who truly love the books we sell. We care about helping each and every customer with their project or purchase. We enjoy testing our creative limits and finding new ways to personalize the books we sell. We create together, celebrate together, and try to keep things fun.

After all, it's still about the books.

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