How to Keep a Journal

If you’ve never been someone who journals or if you’ve only done it in short spurts don’t worry, you’re not alone. For many people it can take a few tries to get into the habit of journal writing. 

There are a number of different ways, to get those creative juices flowing. But we'll start with just a few simple tips to get you started.   


You can begin by thinking of your journal as a place to record your life experiences, thoughts and memories.

Proximity is one way to get yourself into the journal writing mindset. Keeping your journal next to your bed or in your bag can inspire writing when you'd least expect it. 

Journal prompts are another great way to motivate ideas. There are tons of online resources that provide lists of ideas and topics to help fuel your creativity. 

If you’re still struggling, try taking a walk. As basic as that sounds, giving yourself time to clear your head and take in your surroundings can give you just what you need to get writing. While you're out walking, allow yourself to absorb what's happening around you. Whether a crowded city street or a peaceful trail through the woods, there's always something that can inspire you. 

Theme writing can be helpful too. Take a theme like 'Happiness', think about what it means to you or maybe when you last experienced it. Just allow the theme to expand and develop, and you will probably find that you have a lot to write about. You can do this with almost anything; travel, doubt, rollercoasters, or your pet. 

Once you start journaling you'll be amazed at how mentally and emotionally beneficial the process can be. While you're improving your writing, sparking creativity and preserving memories, you'll also be reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Take a look at our other post, 26 Reasons to Keep a Journal, which features a list created by Peggy Nolan, International Best Selling Author, from an article she wrote for the Huffington Post. 


One of the most important things to keep in mind when you're journaling is that you get to make the rules. So no matter what you write about, you can't lose.