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The Notebook

Blank pages waiting to be filled, bound inside a cover. That's what Jenni Bick is all about.

Some people keep a journal for daily notes and everyday reminders. Others choose to do their creative writing and personal reflecting in a journal. Most journal-keepers do a bit of both in their notebooks. At Jenni Bick, we believe the right tool can elevate the experience and foster your creativity and productivity. The blank pages inside represent your untapped potential and your story yet to be written.

Every journal and notebook in our collection is carefully chosen and crafted to help you fulfill your potential and write your story.

Antique Leather Italian Library Journal
Harborview Leather Journal
Personalized Santa Fe Leather Wrap Journal
One of a Kind Minimalist Leather Journal
Della Fattoria Italian Leather Photo Album
Santa Fe Leather Photo Album With Slip-In Sleeves
Islander Leather Photo Album
Museo 12 x 12 Handmade Distressed Leather Scrapbook
The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro

Here's a Client Appreciation job we did for designer Matt Paquette. Paquette designs marketing and promotional materials for The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro and designed some personalized Moleskine notebooks as a thank you gift.

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Rhodia Notepad Paper Comparison: Classic Pads vs Premium Pads

Rhodia Notepad Paper Comparison: Classic Pads vs Premium Pads

We tested both these papers to decide which pens works best, here are some of the results that we came up with and would like to share with you.

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We Don't Usually Like to Brag, But...

We Don't Usually Like to Brag, But...

300 custom handmade leather journals got the entire JB Crew involved. Tear and fold almost 15,000 sheets of paper into neat 12 page signatures. Cut 300 pieces of leather, from full cowhides to sheets about 7"x18", as well as 300 strap closures.
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