DIY Bookbinding Video

Who doesn't love a good DIY video?

A good DIY video can inspire you to try something you'd never thought you could do. This video about bookbinding from sisterMag is one of those videos.

sisterMag is a magazine that calls itself a "a magazine for the digital lady" and they certainly come through with this video. It's beautifully shot and extremely informative, showing how easy is can be to create your own handmade book with just a few tools. 




DIY Bookbinding Video from Thea Neubauer - sisterMAG on Vimeo.

More about sisterMAG:

"Our magazine fills the gap of digital magazines for intelligent and widely interested women. We cover topics from fashion, technology and digital trends to travelling, culture and DIY. sisterMAG is published online and all content is created exclusively for this purpose. Besides the founding sisters there are many blogger friends, photographers and authors around the world who contribute to the magazine."