Appointed Notebooks

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Jenni knows notebooks. So when she gets excited about a new notebook, we know it's got to be good. This is what happened with Appointed, the makers of our latest collection.

So what is it that makes them special? Not only are they a well-made product, produced in the U.S., but they are the creative vision of a graphic designer who saw a problem and created a solution. The paper is a dream to write on and the covers are textured linen.

The Washington, D.C. based Appointed was created by Suaann Song, founder of SIMPLESONG Design who noticed a lack of sleek and professional desktop products in the marketplace. Evaluating the stationery available to her, she knew she could do better.  


Appointed began with a Kickstarter campaign in March 2015 and the funds raised were used to start production on their signature product, the notebook.   


The notebooks are durable and elegant at the same time. Their water resistant bookcloth covers and high quality paper make them a perfect combination for the creative professional. They come with ruled, plain, or grid pages so there's something to please everyone.

Their message to create, "beautiful tools to inspire beautiful work", is what drives them to create great products that are made of great materials.

"Practical, beautiful and handcrafted of the finest materials, Appointed goods are designed to elevate the work experience.” (via Appointed)

In an interview she gave for A Continuous Lean Suann said, "A notebook is so integral to our work and I treasure each of my notebooks that are filled with sketches and ideas. So to be able to produce notebooks that are simple, beautiful but most importantly functional is pretty great.”