For Years To Come

We here at Jenni Bick have fantastic customers. Sometimes those fantastic customers are kind enough to share their stories with us and we appreciate that more than words can express. We learned that one of customers posted a story on her blog about an item she recently purchased from us.

Megan Homolka purchased one of our items to serve a very special purpose. Meg's husband is in the Navy and when he is deployed they do what they can to stay in touch. Thankfully, being that it's 2015 she doesn't have to wait for snail mail notes to slowly arrive from her husband. We live in an age where technology has given us the ease of communication through things like Skype and email. But Meg missed something, "I did envy the snail mail notes for one reason: to have something tangible that came from him". 

So she decided to do something about it, she printed out all their emails so she could keep them with her at all times. She purchased our Woodsman Soft Leather Binder as a place to store all these priceless correspondence.

On her blog post (which you can read in its entirety here) she said:

"I decided to print all the emails that he and I were sending and receiving from each other, as a record of our time apart. It’s become more of a journal; a place to put our thoughts. I carry it around in my bag like a security blanket now that I have it. I find so much comfort in having and reading through it."

"This binder, as silly as it sounds, gives me strength now. I hope I remember that in the future."

"I imagine years and years and years from now when he and I will be old. We’ll be looking through our basement at our antique things from our kids and from our own youth. We’ll come across this binder. We’ll sit down, hold each other’s wrinkled, frail hands and reminisce about when we were first in love."

We here at Jenni Bick are in the business of making people happy and spreading that happiness. This story was one of those times that made us really happy to do what we do. Thank you Meg and thank you to your husband for his service and bravery.