What's Your Paper Personality?

What kind of paper style do you prefer...Blank, Ruled, Graph or Dotted?


When I was in school I took a ton of notes…and doodles. I would go through notebooks faster then I could buy them. My notebook of choice was a Black Hardcover Classic Moleskine with Graph Paper pages. I shortly realized that I wasn’t the only one who was pretty specific about the type and style of notebook they had.

For me there’s something about the structure, organization and straightforward design of a grid that I really enjoy. Do you have a page style that you prefer? What is it about that style that you are drawn to? Do you change up what page styles you prefer based on what you’re writing?

Thankfully whatever your answers are there are a variety of notebooks to choose from. Here are the most versatile and reliable notebooks we carry.


MoleskineBlank, Ruled, Graph, Dotted


Moleskine has become one of the more popular choices in notebooks over the past few years. Originally French, the company started in the early 20th Century, faded out in the 1980s and was revived in the late 90’s by an Italian publisher. Mentioned alongside the names of Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway, Moleskine has a pull with hip professionals both old and young. Their portable size, elastic closure, bookmark ribbon and pocket in the back, makes them not only durable but also well designed. Classic Hardcover notebooks come with Blank, Ruled and Graph styled paper. Soft Cover Moleskines in BlackUnderwater Blue, Khaki Beige and Orchid Purple come with Dotted page styles, giving you another option. 


Leuchturrm 1917Blank, Ruled, Graph

Notebooks from Leuctturm 1917, a similar product to Moleskine, come from a company that was founded in Germany in 1917 (hence the name). What sets them apart from Moleskine, other than their classic sized notebook being slightly larger are their details. All their books have a contents page to keep your writings organized and each book comes with a set of self-adhesive labels which helps you to archive them. Every one of the ink-proof and acid free pages is numbered and there are several perforated sheets in the back of each book. And like Moleskine they have elastic band closures, pockets in the back of each book and a ribbon bookmark, to keep your place. They also come in Blank, Ruled and Graph styled paper.


RhodiaBlank, Ruled, Graph, Dotted



Rhodia, is another line of notebooks that come in the bleed-proof page styles of Blank, Ruled, Graph and Dotted. They originated in France as part of a family business and was acquired by another family business in 1997, with some of the Rhodia family members staying with the brand. Known for it’s high quality, timeless design and classic orange color, the first Rhodia pad was made in 1934. They come in a variety of sizes perfect for any need, with the colors now ranging from orange, black, white and beyond. They are economical pads with reinforced staples for extra strength, perforated pages for easy removal and a stiff back cover making writing or sketching easy and portable.


OgamiBlank, Ruled



Ogami notebooks are durable, professional, tear-resistant and waterproof because the pages are made of stone. Their professional line is sleek and sophisticated, while their Quotes line is much more whimsical. Their Hardcover Notebooks, similar to Moleskine and Lechtturm hardcovers, come with an elastic closure and an inside pocket. The page style options you have  within these notebooks are Blank and Ruled.


Paper-OhRuled, Graph (XLargeA4: Blank)


Paper-Oh, an offshoot of Paperblanks, has designed a great, funky and lightweight style of notebook, very different from the ornate designs of Paperblanks. Their size and weight make them the perfect portable notebook. An added detail to these notebooks is a bookmark included with some of the notebooks, which can be customized to your taste.



The cahier style of the Circulo and Ondulo notebooks come in either Ruled or Graph page style.


Regular Ondulo and Quadro notebooks come with a magnetic closure and Ruled page styles, except for the XLarge A4 which comes Blank.

The other styles; Circulo, Puro and Yuko-Ori notebooks, come in Ruled. 


Whatever page style you are we hope you can find a notebook that inspires you to write or sketch!