Midori Letter Set Die-Cut Penguin

$ 8.00

Midori Letter Set features a Die-Cut Animal design with a Penguin Pattern.

The Midori Letter Set Die-Cut Animal - Penguin Pattern is a stationery product designed for letter writing and correspondence. This letter set includes 6 sheets of paper and 3 envelopes, all featuring a cute penguin pattern design that is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

The paper and envelopes are made of high-quality materials and the papers are die-cut in the shape of a penguin and lined, making this set not only practical but also fun and whimsical. 

This letter set is perfect for sending letters, notes, and cards to friends, family, and loved ones. It can also be used for journaling or as a unique and creative gift for someone who loves penguins or cute stationery.

  • Color Cream
  • Stationery - 6 sheets
  • Envelope - 3 sheets
  • Card size 148 × 88 mm
  • Envelope size 150 × 110 mm
  • Made in Japan