Midori Letter Set Die-Cut Grouse

$ 8.00

Midori Letter Set features a Die-Cut Animal design with a Grouse Pattern.

This Letter Set with Cute Animal Letter Paper is a charming set of stationery that is perfect for anyone who loves animals. The set includes six letter papers cut out in the shape of a Grouse and three envelopes, each featuring a gentle pattern that matches the animal design.

The Grouse pattern is hand-drawn and features a cute winter bird with slightly thicker legs, adding a touch of playfulness to your written correspondence. 

The envelope is also designed with a simple pattern that matches the ptarmigan pattern, adding a touch of sophistication and cuteness to your written correspondence. This set is perfect for anyone looking to add a personal and unique touch to their letters and notes.

  • Color Teal
  • Stationery - 6 sheets
  • Envelope - 3 sheets
  • Card size 148 × 88 mm
  • Envelope size 150 × 110 mm
  • Made in Japan