Midori Letter Set Collage Cat Pattern

$ 8.00

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Embark on your letter-writing journey with the Midori Letter Set Collage - Cat Pattern! This eye-catching set of stationery includes a unique collage cat design, perfect for kitty-lovers and fans of all things whimsical.

The set includes a paper pad, envelopes, and stickers, all featuring the cat collage design. The paper pad is designed with a cat on the front cover and includes lined sheets of paper for writing letters or notes. 

The Midori Letter Set also includes a set of cat-themed stickers, which can be used to add a decorative touch to letters or envelopes.

  • Peach Color
  • Paper - 9 sheets
  • Envelope - 3 sheets
  • Sticker (foil stamping) - 1 sheet
  • Paper size 140 × 100 mm
  • Envelope size 150 × 110 mm
  • Made in Japan