013 Lightweight Paper Refill TRAVELER'S Notebook - Regular Size

$ 8.49

Designed to fit your REGULAR size Traveler's Notebook Cover, the 013 Lightweight Paper Refill has ultra thin paper that is remarkably well suited to writing with any type of pen. Although ink shows through to the other side, there is no bleed or feathering.

Because the pages in this insert are so thin, there are twice as many pages as the regular MD paper refill: 128 instead of the usual 64. 

Traveler's Notebooks are an indispensable travel companion, and the 013 Lightweight Paper Refill is a wonderful way to expand your basic notebook to add pages without adding bulk.

  • REGULAR size 8.3" x 4.3" | 210 mm x 110 mm
  • 128 BLANK pages
  • Lightweight BLANK pages
  • Saddle stitched (sewn along the spine)
  • Lightweight paper is soft white
  • Made in Japan
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