Yamamoto Fountain Pen Writing Papers

$ 19.00

Premium Japanese Papers for fountain pens, selected by the paper experts at Yamamoto

Fountain pen users encounter all kinds of difficulties with paper, like feathering, bleeding, and slow dry time. The experts at Yamamoto have spent a long time searching for very fountain pen friendly papers. They tested many varieties of nibs, fountain pens, and inks for their writing tests. These papers are the best of the best - an ideal selection of papers that are fountain pen friendly.

Papers include:

  • Tomoe River 52 gsm, silky, onionskin, white
  • New Chiffon Cream 80 gsm, slightly rough, cream
  • Glassine 30.5 gsm, translucent, onionskin
  • OK Fools 81.4 gsm, silky, watermark
  • Eastory COC, egg shell, soft white
  • Washi Kin Kaku Den, egg shell, soft white
  • Bank Paper 48.2 gsm, onionskin, watermark, dual-sided
  • Spica Bond 49 gsm, onionskin, watermark, bright white
  • Champion 35 gsm, onionskin, bright white
  • Typewriter Paper, onionskin, bright white
  • Cosmo Air Light 75 gsm, silky
  • Marshmallow 82 gsm, soft touch white

Pad Details

  • A4 Size measures 8.25" x 11.70" | 210 mm x 297 mm
  • Each pad contains 50 sheets, except glassine, which has 100 sheets
  • Made in Japan
  • Not all papers are in stock at all times. If you are interested in special ordering any of the papers, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Not sure which paper to choose? Try the Yamamoto Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection Notebook that contains 5 sheets of each one.