Yamamoto Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection Volume 7

$ 47.50

Premium Paper

"Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection" is a sample book that includes 16 kinds of paper recommended for the fountain pen. The pad includes 5 sheets of each paper and stories of each paper, so you can try them all and find the one that you like best. The book is bound along the top edge like a memo pad, so you can tear off sheets one by one.

Problems when writing with fountain pens include feathering, bleeding, and drying time. Yamamoto has tested each of these papers to find the best of the best. Tests examined many varieties of nibs, fountain pens, and inks. The winners are collected here - an ideal selection of papers that are fountain pen friendly.

Papers include:

  • No.1 THIN PAPER by KOKUYO 52 gsm
  • No.2 Sanzen Tomoe River 52 gsm
  • No.3 Cosmo Air Light 75 gsm
  • No.4 Kin Kaku Den Super White
  • No.5 YAMAMOTO Bank Paper Takasago Premium 87.9 gsm
  • No.6 Bank Paper 48.2 gsm
  • No.7 Champion Copy 35 gsm
  • No.8 Typewriter Paper 27.9 gsm
  • No.9 Air Mail Bond White 61.7 gsm
  • No.10 b7-Bulky 70 gsm
  • No.11 Light Force 68 gsm
  • No.12 Smooth Onion Skin supports alcohol inks 40 gsm
  • No.13 Half Tone Color White 64 gsm
  • No.14 Slight White 81.4 gsm
  • No.15 Soliste 65 gsm
  • No.16 Sun Sun Kent 81.4 gsm

Book Details

  • A4 Size measures 8.25" x 11.70" | 210x297mm
  • Made in Japan
  • Thorough description and origin details about each paper

This pad includes 16 kinds of paper that are very unique. Let's find your favorite fountain pen friendly paper!