Ukrainian Folk Artist Mariya Prymachenko

Ukrainian folk artist Mariya Prymachenko was born on January 12, 1909 in the village of Bolotnya, Kyiv Oblast; she died on August 18, 1997.

Mariya Prymachenko was a self-taught artist whose popular work of the naive or primitivism genre portrayed Ukrainian folk art based on animal and plant life. Many of her masterpieces are included in a collection of folk art at the Ukrainian National Museum in Kyiv.

Mysterious and emotionally charged, her colorful work depicts age-old traditions of Ukrainian master-craftsmen, bringing forth their understanding of good and evil, of ugliness and beauty. Mariya Prymachenko’s art interprets fabulous mythological creatures and takes its roots in folk legends and fairy tales, nourished bу the real life and culture of the Ukrainian реорlе.

UNESCO declared 2009 as the year of Mariya Prymachenko.             

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