Celebrate 70 Years of Midori

MIDORI is now 70 years old! Throughout those 70 years, Midori products have been a part of so many people's lives. The memo pad someone keeps in their shirt pocket. The diary where someone pours out their joy and worries. The set of matching compact stationery someone splurged on. The message cardboard students use to write messages to those who are graduating. The letter pad someone used to share feelings they usually can't express.

Midori wanted to remind you how wonderful stationery can be. The fun of writing, the pleasure that comes with making someone smile. To thank you all for your support over the years, Midori is launching a 70th anniversary campaign.

Join us and see what the 70th year will bring.

Limited-edition 70th Anniversary Items

MIDORI's aim is to bring you products that will enrich your daily life. If you can't help smiling when you use Midori products, they have succeeded. To thank you all for your support over the years, Midori has created limited-edition 70th anniversary sets of their most popular products for you to use with your favorite MIDORI stationery.

Midori MD Fountain Pen with Bottled Ink 

The set includes an MD Fountain Pen with a clear shaft and an original bottle of ink. The original ink color and the smooth writing achieved by the pen suit all writing styles. Makes a great starter set for people just getting into fountain pens!

Midori Limited Edition Green 5 Years Diary

The Multi-Year Diary enables you to collect memories from the same date in different years on a single page. Look back on where you were this time last year, or even three years ago, and record small changes or gradual personal growth over time. The joy of using this journal continues to grow year after year.

Midori Diamond Memo Pad Limited Edition Green

The Diamond memo has been a longstanding favorite since its release in 1961. Setting the standard for ring-bound memo pads, it has gathered a loyal following over the years. Seven varieties have been made available to suit a range of uses

Midori MD Block Memo Pad Set

Set of three types of block memos made of MD PAPER: blank, ruled, and grid.
Each block contains 500 sheets, so you can enjoy plenty of pleasurable writing experiences at home or in the office.

Midori MD Notebook Light A5 Grid 7 Color Set

Set of 7 Midori MD Light notebooks with colored stitching and printed grid inside. Each A5 notebook has 48 pages, with 5 mm grid. The limited edition release celebrates 70 years of Midori.

Midori XS Stationery Kit

The XS Stationery series was designed to create some of the smallest stationery in the world, combining functionality with portability. This eight-piece kit in a special case is ideal for the office, classroom and home alike.

Midori Paintable Stamp Kit

This pre-inked stamp allows you to color in stamps to create your own unique style. Choose from "Thank You Always," or "Thank You in World Languages." The limited-edition set includes cards, pens,  and envelopes—use this as a kit to make your own greeting cards.