Feeling stressed? Bored? We got you covered.

Adult coloring books have gained some recent popularity and for good reason. In an article from CNN.com titled, Why adult coloring books are good for yousome of the benefits of this fun activity were discussed:

  • "Coloring has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring about more mindfulness"
  • "Like meditation, coloring allows the brain to switch off other thoughts and focus"

To get started why not download a free coloring book of artworks from the Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute.


Here's a link to download: http://blogs.getty.edu/iris/files/2016/02/ColorOurCollections__TheGetty.pdf. Which will get you a collection of some famous works of art, like these below, that you can put your own twist on.



Tip: If you check out the hashtag, #ColorOurCollections, you can see even more fun coloring pages from places like @huntingtonlibrary, @smithsonianlibraries, @bodleianlibs and more.