What Does A Bookbinder's Paradise Look Like?

TALAS is a bookbinding and conservation supply in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They sell absolutely everything under the sun that has to do with the craft of bookbinding.

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Image courtesy of The New York Times

The owners of Talas, Marge and Jake Salik, said it was often difficult to secure certain supplies. Sturgeon glue, which is used in painting restoration, is made from the bladders of sturgeon, which are endangered, and is imported from Russia, which can mean problems with customs. “We’ve had thousands of dollars’ worth of the glue incinerated in customs,” said Aaron Salik, the owners’ son, who helps run the store. “But, we have to continue to bring it in.”  Talas recently secured a Fish & Wildlife permit in order to deal more easily with customs:



Talas is a huge supplier of different leathers. They sell roll upon roll of whole calf and goatskins, most from Nigeria. Even within the same dye lot, each hide can take on a slightly different shade — variations, say, from a deep raspberry to a bright crimson.


Want to learn more? Read up on the details of bookbinding and conservation, and get the latest info on products at Talasonline.com, or from their blog: http://talasonline.blogspot.com/