Mystery Combined with Custom Designs

When best selling author, Kristen Kittcher was putting together the press release for her brand new novel “Tiara on the Terrace," we teamed up with her to create custom spy books for her pre-release kit.

Kristen utilized every custom option we offer to share all of the information for the novels sneak preview. You can learn more about our custom services at JB Custom Journals.


We embossed the Tiara on the Terrace logo with a silver foil, in her signature font, Burin Sans.



We then used a custom belly band, which wrapped around the notebooks, that included the artwork from the book's cover, Kristen’s social media info, the release date of the novel. But the best part is the fun custom Polybius Code Square, just like the one used in her novel to be paired with the “spy flashlight” included in the kit.

Inside the notebooks we added custom insert pages that had details for the release. There was a brief synopsis of “Tiara on the Terrace”, reviews from the first novel in the series, “A Wig in the Window”, and of course information about her publisher, HarperCollins, and the ISBN number, 978-0062227980. The results? Great publicity and a lot of social media love!



The reviews, pictures, social media shares, and excitement were a great success. “Tiara on the Terrace” was released in January of this year and had already made it to Southern California’s Best Sellers list in its first week! 


We loved having the chance to work with Kristin on such a special project and are looking forward to being a part of Sophie & Grace’s next adventure!

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