These Examples of Paper Typography Are Truly Inspiring

We use paper just as much as leather here at Jenni Bick. The artistic papers that go into our Original One of a Kind Handmade Books are torn, sorted and sewn by hand. We pay attention to the details of each sheet and make sure that all the pieces come together in a way that makes each journal unique and special.

The pieces shown below, which we found in an article from Abduzeedo, are a fantastic example of the incredible creations that can be made with paper. These examples of paper typography are bold and eye-catching and truly inspiring.  

From Amazing Paper Typography, written by Tara Hornor:

"I love it when two art forms collide and something beautiful emerges. Paper typography is one such type of art that has fascinated me since I was little. Maybe it's because I learned about origami in grade school, and now also have a love of typography. So when I see these two artistic methods that I love combined, it's mesmerizing.

This collection is a roundup of some gorgeous paper typography. Some of these are simple letters while others are complete phrases built using paper techniques. A few were created simply for a creative outlet, while others have been featured on the cover designs for catalog printing pieces.

On a more pragmatic note, I find studying these pieces useful to better understand 3D type. Notice how the shadows fall and the perspectives work to help your eye recognize that these are, in fact, not just computer generated images. The textures also play an important role, not to mention the different elements within each letter of different colours."


Sabeena Karnik 

Yulia Brodskaya



Katherine Usowa 


Cecelia Louie


Julene Harrison


(Via Abduzeedo)