Ystudio Bihex Rollerball Pen - Absinthe

$ 125.00

Glamour Evolve Bihex Rollerball Pen - Absinthe

YSTUDIO officially announces its new “Glamour Series” product to mark the tenth year since the brand’s establishment. Our “Glamour Series” introduces a different brand style from previous products to challenge all possibilities. The bold combination of classic brass and composite materials brings to bear a new style beyond the popular Classic Series. The “Glamour Series” is thus an iconic change in presenting the creation and confidence of YSTUDIO and its past 10 years of creativity. We believe that the series will give you a new and fun experience.

Based on the classic hexagon design of YSTUDIO, scalene double hexagons result in 12 beautiful ridge lines. The design of vivid and contrasting colors demonstrates various combinations from daily life, thereby becoming a unique object for accessories.

The pen cap and body are made of aluminum, which are concise and convenient – perfect for carrying around. The pen clip meanwhile remains to use our classic brass element, and is shaped through a delicate architectural concept that has carefully carved out every tiny angle and surface. This new design concept from YSTUDIO, a truly exquisite pen series will provide people with a timeless experience.


Material: Brass, Aluminum
Product Size: 11X13.7X133mm
Package Size: 185X80X20mm
N.W. (g) : 37
G.W. (g) : 80.5g
Refill : Schmidt 5888F black ink