Tom's Studio Lumos Pro Duo Pen

$ 125.00

A Dual-Ended Pen With Interchangeable Tips

The Lumos Pro Duo Pen was designed as an answer to disposable pens. The Tom's Studio Lumos Pro Refillable Dual Tip Pen provides a more sustainable way to write, draw, and illustrate. Sleek in design, the pen has a fineliner on one end and a felt tip on the other. Both draw from interchangeable ink reservoirs that you can refill with your color of choice. The sets come with nine other artist’s tips to give you variety in your creations. The Duo Lumos allows you to have two different pens in one body, allowing you to easily change between nibs and ink colors on either side.


  • Fill with any fountain pen ink
  • Infinitely refillable
  • Comes with 11 creative tips
  • Measures 155 mm long, feels great in the hand
  • Comes in beautiful gift packaging
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Made in United Kingdom and Japan


  • Nib sizes are different depending on the manufacturer (Eg Sakura, Staedler) If anything, Lumos tips are on the smaller side so it might be worth trying the size down from your preferred choice as well.
  • All nibs will work with all but the most experimental fountain pen inks (think shimmer and iridescent).