Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Wagashi Series - Kohakuto

$ 236.00 $ 295.00
Nib: Medium-Fine

The new Sailor "Wagashi Japanese Sweets" fountain pen series is here! This collection is inspired by the rich tradition of Wagashi, the traditional Japanese sweets, and encapsulates the essence of Japan's cultural and culinary heritage. Each pen in this series is modeled after the Sailor Pro Gear Slim design, featuring solid 14k gold nibs.

Each pen comes with a 20ml bottle of Sailor Shikiori ink. These are existing Shikiori ink colors, perfectly paired to match the themes of each Wagashi-inspired pen. Each set is presented in a beautifully designed gift box that is one of the actual boxes used for Japanese sweets, negotiated and purchased by the Sailor product development team to make this series even more special.

Sailor's Pro Gear Slim fountain pen is a comfortable mid-sized pen, small enough to fit in a pocket but long enough for comfortable everyday use. It's got a classic shape with a flat-top cap and a round barrel and grip, and comes with a converter and ink cartridges to get you started. Sailor makes their gold nibs in-house, and they're known for being exceptionally precise, with a unique feedback sensation. (Note that Sailor nibs run on the fine side, like other Japanese fountain pen nibs.)

Pen Details

  • Medium 14k Gold Nib
  • Pen body is made of durable PMMA resin
  • Fittings in 14k Gold-plate
  • Capped length: 4.9"
  • Posted length: 5.6"
  • Candy Gift Box set includes a 20 ml bottle of Shikiori Souten ink
  • Ink converter and 2 black ink cartridges included
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  • Made in Japan
  • MSRP $295 | Everyday discount 20% off

The first company in Japan to make fountain pens, Sailor has a long history of producing finely crafted writing instruments. Their pens are loved for their precise nibs and their colorful designs.