Midori Soft Color Paper Pad A5 Dot Grid

$ 6.00

Match Your Paper to Your Ink Color

The Midori Soft Color Paper Pad is a A5 memo pad that features high quality colored interior pages and a dot-grid format. Made in Japan, the pad is super lightweight, and glue-bound along the top edge for easy tear off. Calm colors and matte texture make this the perfect memo pad for note taking. 

The dot grid format is versatile and flexible. The dots can help guide your lines if you need them, and can be ignored for free-form drawing and sketching.

Don't worry about the rules, please try to find your own way.

  • A5 size 5.8" x 8.3" | 210 mm x 148 mm
  • Glue bound along the top edge for easy tear off
  • 60 sheets with DOT GRID
  • Made in Japan