Midori MD One Stroke Message Pad Cotton Vertical Ruled

$ 8.00

The Pleasure of Writing

As the name suggests, one-stroke paper is for writing and sending only one sentence.
You don't need formal greetings, and it's easier to use than letter paper.

There are many tools that can be used to send messages easily, conveniently, and quickly, such as text messages on mobile phones and SNS.

Once in a while, exchange handwritten notes with friends and add the fun of waiting for a reply. Now that "immediately" is the norm, it will surely be a special occasion.

Midori cotton paper was developed as a Midori original diary paper and has been continuously improved in quality until now. 

MD cotton paper is thin and smooth, and ideally suited to writing with all sorts of writing instruments, from pencils to fountain pens. The paper resists feathering, bleed-through, and wrinkling.

  • Pad size 3.2" x 8.3" | 168 mm x 80 mm
  • 50 sheets white MD cotton paper
  • Printed with lines spaced 11 mm in soft grey ink and a wide margin
  • Made in Japan