Kyo-Iro Fountain Pen Ink - Ryokyuuiro Shimmer

$ 30.00

Green Glaze Fountain Pen Ink

All Kyo Iro inks are handmade in Kyoto, Japan using traditional dyeing techniques and materials.

Ruriiro is a bright blue with a deep purple hue. Lapis lazuli is precious stone. The lapis lazuli color associated with the color of the gem was also considered sacred as the supreme color.

Green glaze, which gives green color to pottery, is one of the oldest glazes and was already used in China before Christ. In Japan, it has been produced since the Heian period and has been favored by aristocrats.

This is a dye ink developed independently by TAG STATIONERY and Kyoto Kusaki Dye Laboratory, which consists of dyeing and weaving experts.

It is a characteristic ink that makes use of the gradation of light and shade using the bleeding characteristic of dyes.

Dye ink is soluble in water, so after writing with ink, you can use it for various expressions such as "blurring" or stretching the color thinly with a water brush.

  • 40 ml glass bottle
  • Product number: KO-0112
  • Use with fountain pen, glass pen, dip pen, brush
  • Made in Japan