Kaweco SPORT Collection Ebonit Fountain Pen

$ 200.00 $ 385.00

Limited Anniversary Edition Kaweco Ebonit

The Kaweco Ebonite Sport takes you on a journey through time. Since 1883, Kaweco has produced high-quality writing instruments. To celebrate this special anniversary, we are proud to bring you this special set. As a tribute a Sport model made from valuable ebonite is unique. Hard rubber has often been the material of choice for producing writing instruments for more than 100 years. The marbling and highly polished surface suggests the appearance of exotic wood. The gold-plated elements complement the warm brown tones of the ebonite. This pen will be produced in limited quantities.

As a perfect addition, the limited set includes a nostalgic clip in gold to attach the pen securely to a writing pad. Besides the standard royal blue ink cartridge in the fountain pen, there is also a convenient 10-pack of all Kaweco ink colors. Everything is packaged together in a cardboard pack inspired by historical boxes from the early days of Kaweco.

Fountain Pen

  • Cap screws on securely, posts on end when writing for full-length comfort
  • Capped length: 4.13"
  • Posted length: 5.12"
  • Chrome plated steel nib in Extra Fine, Fine or Medium width
  • Set includes a 10 pack rainbow of ink cartridges as well as a clip
  • Order additional ink cartridges for the pen here: Kaweco Ink Cartridges

Kaweco pens are crafted with care in Nuremberg, Germany. The company was founded in 1883 and embodies the values of sustainability, diversity, and quality. Kaweco is proud to produce a product that offers great value.