Dancing Thyme Fountain Pen Ink

$ 22.00

Thyme Green Ink for Fountain Pens

Embark on a melodious voyage through the lively French Quarter of New Orleans, joining the sophisticated Madame Mullberry as she relaxes in the embrace of smooth jazz. As the sun bids adieu, the nocturnal revelry unfolds. Balconies adorned with twinkling lights paint the night, while harmonious bars of music waltz through the air, casting a spell of enchantment over the spirited celebration. Let your words swing and sway to the jazzy beats of creativity, as Dancing Thyme transforms your writing into a melodic masterpiece.

  • Ink Tone: thyme green
  • Characteristics: Serene, earthy, mellow
  • Ink Details

    • For fountain pens, calligraphy, and drawing
    • 38 ml bottle
    • Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
    • Intriguing glass bottle with signature brass cap and airtight seal
    • Made in Canada