Add a Custom Title Page

$ 25.00
Most of our albums and journals can be made extra personal by adding a custom title page inside. This is an especially nice way to personalize items which have elaborate cover designs that cannot be embossed or decorated with a nameplate.

Commemorate a special occasion with a few lines or a paragraph or two, done in calligraphic script to match the style of the book. Your inscription will be dry-mounted to the first page of the book.

A few examples:

  • Names and a date
  • The name of a special occasion, such as "Michelle's 50th Birthday"
  • A scripture passage
  • A dedication or personal love letter
  • A poem or inspirational quote
  • Anything at all!

  • Enter any text you want, and your inscription will be professionally typeset and printed, then mounted to the first page of the book with a color coordinated border.