Retro 51 Rollerball and Fountain Pen - Dog Rescue

$ 56.50

Dog Rescue BOW WOW!

Introducing the latest Dog Rescue writing instruments from Retro51, featuring the most adorable dog illustrations. These charming pens showcase various breeds* in endearing poses and delightful expressions, adding a touch of whimsy to your writing experience. The barrels are adorned with vibrant colors over a cream base, finished with a gloss clear coat, and complemented by sleek Black Stealth trim.

Choose from the twist-top rollerball or fountain pen—or collect them all for a pack of canine-inspired joy that will surely bring smiles to your face. Plus, with each purchase, a contribution will be made to Take Me Home Pet Rescue, a Texas-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing homeless pet overpopulation and finding loving homes for rescued animals. Bring home the Dog Rescue today and provide these pups with a forever home.

Ballpoint Pen

  • 5" long
  • Printed design with gloss clear coat
  • Custom illustrations from Retro designer - Angel
  • Stealth Black accents
  • Take Me Home Rescue logo top disc
  • Donation made to Take me Home Rescue
  • Easy-Flow Ballpoint Refill 
  • Matching gift packaging tube
  • Fine point rollerball writes like a dream
  • Flexible clip
  • Imported

Fountain Pen

  • 6" long
  • Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, 1.1 and 1.5 steel nib fountain pen
  • Acid-etched + Copper plated 
  • Platinum Accents
  • Portrait top disc 
  • Matching Commemorative Packaging
  • Twist off cap
  • Flexible clip
  • Refill your pen with universal/European ink cartridges
  • Order ink cartridges for this pen here: Retro 51 Ink Cartridges