Retro 51 Jefferson Fountain Pen

$ 96.50

Jefferson Fountain Pen

The Jefferson Fountain Pen is aged to perfection, bound to be a classic and some even say presidential.

This Tornado Fountain Pen has been plated in an all-antique silver finish, so it has a vintage heirloom quality straight out of the packaging which only gets better with use. The tactile barrel and cap have an acid-etched pattern that gives it a light texture in hand and sturdy posting. Choose from four nib options that load into a contoured brass grip section with a high gloss lacquer, so it fits comfortably in hand.

Declare your indePENdence from ugly pens with this new Retro51 Fountain Pen.

  • Acid-etched + Antique Silver Finish
  • Stainless top disc
  • Standard top ring
  • Matching Antique Silver Accents
  • Comes with two Black Cartridges and Converter
  • Retro Brand Graphic Tube