Ohto GS02 Roller Gel Pen

$ 24.00

Super fine point pen

The Ohto GS02 Roller Gel fine point pen is beautifully constructed with an all-metal design, using an aluminum barrel and brass components. The hexagonal grip provides easy handling, while the round barrel design on the clicker end adds an elegant and dynamic changing form.

The GS02's center of gravity is well-balanced, making it comfortable to hold in your hand. The Mint, Khaki, and Black barrels feature a smooth matte finish, while the Pearl White barrel is coated with a pearlescent finish that shimmers beautifully from different angles. The chrome-plated crown serves as an elegant highlight, adding a touch of sophistication.

Equipped with a 0.5mm Ceramic Roller Gel black ink cartridge (PG-M05NP-BK), which features a metal body with enhanced writing performance and quick-drying capabilities. The cartridge uses a SiC (Silicon Carbide) ceramic ball with a micro-textured finish that provides exceptional ink flow while preventing smudging and smearing. This makes it perfectly suitable for official documents.

The needle-tip nib allows for clear visibility of the paper surface while writing, ensuring a fluid and unobtrusive writing experience.

The Ohto GS02 Roller Gel is an essential addition to your home or office supplies, journaling supplies, and school supplies. Make this special gel pen a part of your daily writing.

  • 5.4" long
  • Gel ink
  • Retractable with a click top
  • 0.5 mm gel pen with black ink
  • Strong clip
  • Made in Japan