Caran D'Ache 849 Dragon Ballpoint Pen - Special Edition

$ 60.00

Dragon Ballpoint 

Caran d'Ache has set out on a new creative adventure with the 849 Dragon, a special edition combining shades of red and gold. For the first time in it's history, the Swiss company is celebrating the Chinese zodiac on its iconic 849 ballpoint pen.

Designed and manufactured in its workshops in Geneva according to the most stringent quality demands of the Swiss Made label, this special edition 849 is adorned with a multitude of scales in tribute to the dragon, a legendary creature that represents good fortune, power, and prosperity in Chinese culture.

The scales are a perfect match for the gold-plated features (clip and button), highlighting the stunning contrast with the gleaming red body.

This original and elegant piece embodies the company's know-how in terms of color applied to the emblematic and timeless design of the 849. With its golden slim pack, matching the gilding on the scales, the Special Edition 849 Dragon presents itself as the perfect gift, where every detail is sure to delight design aficionados.

Ballpoint Pen

  • Aluminum hexagonal body
  • 5.25" | 13.5 cm long
  • New-generation slim pack with 849 dragon model
  • Silver logo on the inside
  • Magnetic silicone chock to hold in place when opening
  • Flexible clip, push-button
  • Includes Goliath fine black ballpoint cartridge
  • Made in Switzerland