Viarco Vintage Violet Copying Pencils Set of 12

$ 14.00

Vintage Violet

This pack contains 12 round-barrelled HB pencils made in Portugal by Viarco. They are based on classic nineteenth-century copying pencils, which once used a permanent (but toxic) violet dye instead of a graphite core. Today, Viarco’s copying pencils use a NON-TOXIC violet dye. Both the pencils and the packaging are based on Viarco pencils from the 1950s and 1960s; they have a retro charm and would make a great gift for any pencil enthusiast or fine artist.

  • Set of 12 pencils
  • Firm & smooth premium violet core
  • 8" in length
  • Smooth round barrel
  • No eraser
  • Made in Portugal

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