Brass Centimeter Ruler

$ 19.50

Bold as brass

The brass ruler from Traveler's Company is simple and elegant, and a necessity for bullet journaling. One side is marked off in centimeters and the other side is tilted slightly, to help you make smudge-free straight lines.

Solid brass is pressed, bent, shaped, and pressed again. The end result is an elegant tool that elevates even the simple act of measuring and marking. Over time, the bright yellow brass will develop a darker patina, giving it the timeless look of an antique tool.

  • Measures 20 mm x 170 mm | 6.25" x .75"
  • Ruled milimeter marks are engraved clearly along one side
  • Solid brass
  • Bright yellow brass will develop an aged patina over time. Use metal polish to restore the bright finish.
  • Made in Japan