Stalogy A5 Notebook Cover

$ 37.00

A paper notebook cover that has the texture and durability of genuine leather.

This Stalogy notebook cover fits the A5 size 365 Days Notebook and 1/2 Year Notebook. The right pocket can be turned outward, so you can write in the notebook without it getting in the way. It comes with a pocket for storing small items that you use with the notebook. It is made of environmentally friendly paper material that is water resistant and durable. It protects your important notebook from scratches and dirt.

  • Cover fits the Stalogy "365 Days Notebook" and "1/2 Year Notebook"
  • A5 measures 316 x 224 mm
  • Durable and sustainable specialty paper that can be used repeatedly for a long time like real leather
  • Inner pockets can be used to hold small papers and cards
  • Opens completely flat