Midori MD Notebook Cotton A5 Square Blank

$ 18.00

Paper With A Soft, Airy Texture

There’s just something about the sound of a pen nib scratching on paper and the warmth from your hand.

The Midori MD Cotton Notebook features soft textured cotton paper. Made in Japan, the notebook is designed with a minimalist style. The unadorned plain paper covers and exposed mesh spine reinforcement mean your attention goes immediately to the quality feel of the paper.

The pages are thread bound, which gives superior strength and also allows the pages to lie perfectly flat. A bookmark and labeling stickers are included.

MD Cotton paper has 20% soft cotton pulp with a soft texture. The fibers are finer and longer than pulp, meaning that it has a luxurious feel and smoothness that give it an airily soft texture.

The compact A5 Square notebook is the size of a photobook. Open it up and the long, narrow space will stimulate your imagination. Whether you’re writing, illustrating or making mind maps, this unconventional format lets your ideas run free.

  • A5 Square size 5.75" x 5.75" | 146 mm x 146 mm
  • 176 pages (88 sheets) MD Cotton Paper
  • Midori cotton paper 20%
  • Made in Japan