Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook - B5 Lined

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Mnemosyne (Nymosinete) is a business note brand with the concept of 
"writing, thinking makes work job creative" 
With an emphasis on writing, designing and manufacturing 1 item 1 article domestically. 
I adopt the domestic original writing paper of Maruman sticking to paper. 

· High quality text paper that brings creativity to work. 
· Schedule / 7 mm ruling with special memory containing title entry fields. 
· A ruled line dividing a line into three and three memories containing columns separating. 
· Twin wire binding that can fold back compactly. 

[Product specifications] 
 Product number: N194A 
 Body size: B5 Vertical 252 × Width 192 × Thickness 10 mm 
 Body: Special memory 7 mm ruled / 30 lines / 80 sheets 
 Paper: writing paper MPS-N 80 g / m² 
 Binding: Twin wire 
 Remarks: Eyes