Midori MD Fountain Pen

$ 40.00

A friendly fountain pen that is comfortable to use

For those who think "fountain pens are difficult." For those who want to use it in the future. Take it with you wherever you go and use it without hesitation. You can hold this pen lightly like a pencil, as the grip keeps your fingers from slipping. The nib of the pen tip is not too delicate and not too strong. You can enjoy "writing" of all kinds, such as diary, letters, cards, as well as idea and sketches.

  • 133 mm | 5.24" long
  • Medium steel nib fountain pen
  • Plastic barrel
  • Snap off cap posts on end when open
  • Flexible clip
  • Refill your pen with universal/European ink cartridges
  • Order ink cartridges for this pen here: Midori MD Ink Cartridges

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