Midori Dip Pen

$ 27.50

Experience the "color" of writing

Experience the pleasure of writing with the Midori MD Dip Pen. Designed to pair with Midori MD paper, the pen's body has a paper-like texture, while its simple nib design allows you to enjoy a range of colors quickly and easily. Just dip into your favorite ink and you're ready to write. The MD Fountain Pen nib provides comfort and smoothness. An enjoyable writing experience awaits!

Dip Pen Details

  • Dip pen for use with bottled inks
  • Stainless steel Midori MD fountain pen nib
  • Line width M
  • Body made of synthetic resin "MAPKA" containing 51% paper, 49% polypropylene
  • Length: 5.275" | 134 mm
  • Hexagonal shape, 0.39" | 10 mm diameter
  • Pen designed and made in Japan, nib made in Slovenia

Notes on Use

  • Uses a dedicated, non-removable nib
  • Forcible removal may cause damage, so please do not remove or install other companies' nibs
  • Do not soak in water for a long time
  • After use, rinse in clean water, wipe off the moisture and store in a dry place