Brause Calligraphy Variety Set

$ 34.00

Advanced Calligraphy Set

Brause nibs have been made with care in Germany since 1850. Expertly crafted in steel, they are almost always found in the toolbox of calligraphers, lettering artists, penmen, and illustrators alike. This variety set includes a wood nib holder and six nibs, including 1 cito-fein, 1 pfannen, and 3 bandzug. Presented in an elegant envelope. A great gift for the pro and student artist.

About the Nibs

  • Pfannen: a nickel-plated nib with a wide point that is great for monoline lettering
  • Cito Fein: an excellent beginner writing nib, very soft. It is suitable for cursive writing
  • Steno: a sharp and indented nib in blued steel, the flexibility of which is ideal for English
  • Bandzug: (1 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm) the best for Old English (Gothic) since they have a chisel edge which is very important for precise letterform in gothic
  • Made in Germany