NEW! The Wildflowers Collection

Meet one of our latest editions to our own Jenni Bick collection, the Wildflowers Leather Journal. It’s available in five warm floral colors, including blue, rosewood, petal pink, lavender, and fern. These rich hues perfectly complement the natural markings of each piece of hand-dyed leather, and they are finished in multiple layers of finishing wax to create a glossy sheen that will weather beautifully. Inspired by the warmth and possibilities of springtime, these journals are both classically elegant and on-trend.

Blue is a dusty, stone blue, like a delphinium or the spring sky at dusk.

Rosewood is a deep, rosy pink, an elegant shade with a vintage feel inspired by wild roses.

Petal pink is an airy, subtle blush, evoking spring blooms and bridal bouquets.

Lavender is a gorgeous purple-grey, the color of its namesake wildflowers or clouds during a storm.

Fern is a light, grassy green, a fresh, energizing shade.

Let’s talk specs--the softcover binding is flexible enough to be convenient and portable, but sturdy enough that you can write in your lap. The lined pages are archival and acid-free, so your writing will withstand the test of time. The heavy and luxurious 120 gsm paper is fountain pen friendly, as well as accommodating to a wide range of mediums for writing, drawing, sketching, and painting.

We source the leather for this collection from the same American tannery, Moore & Giles, that supplies the leather for our longtime favorite Islander Collection. Fans of those journals will love these fresh new colors. Best of all, the hand dyed leather and handmade construction ensure that each and every journal is as unique as the words you’ll write in them.

Whether this is your first journal or a new addition to your ever growing collection, we can’t wait for you to try them!