Mother's Day Edition: Best Advice

Mother's Day Journal

We asked our community of journal lovers to share the best advice their mom ever gave them - the answers are wise, spot-on, and some made us laugh out loud! 

When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, he would always tell my mom, "Honey, you have to stop being mad." The best piece of advice my mom gave me was two years after he passed, when I was consumed with grief. It was simple yet powerful: "Honey, you have to stop being mad.”

I of the best is her saying, "Experience is the best teacher. You can't buy it at the market. Try buying it at the market & let me know what happens." That rings in my head all the time & I find myself saying it a lot.

To help me with my anxiety she would say with a smile: "Just breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, y imaginarse abofeteando a su ex en la cara!" (imagine yourself slapping your ex in the face! Since he was the one who would cause my anxiety!) She always knew how to make me laugh and calm down a bit with how strong-witted she was!
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You can be whomever you want to be. (So I want to be EVERYTHING!!) 😁

"There will always be someone smarter, funnier, and better looking." 😂

You can make art just for fun. Time spent doing art doesn't have to result in something perfect every time 😄

Make sure the salt and sugar are clearly identified in your kitchen so you don't mix them up. Don't ask me how I know.

Ask your father! Just kidding - she always said "try again, you can do it”.

It is nobody's job to make you happy. That is your job.

Consider the source. she's always teaching me to question everything... from the source of someone's mean comment to where the pineapple came from. always consider the source [first].

"Do not project your values on others”

"Use your voice God gave you!" Meaning to open your mouth even if you're afraid if it's for the right reasons.
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Never settle for someone who doesn't respect you or doesn't treat you well. I didn't love you and invest in you for that.

Hitch your hopes to a star. There is nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it.

Work hard but enjoy life to the fullest

Stop googling medical symptoms (WebMD will only stress you out). 😂

You are only young once... enjoy it!

"Stop crying because it won't solve anything." She was correct and I live by those words
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"Eat all your grains of rice, if you don't you'll have lots of pimples and you'll be ugly.”

"follow your instincts." :)

My mom is constantly reminding me that I can one day become the people who impress and inspire me — writers and published authors who turn their ideas and dreams into books, especially. You may not always believe in yourself, but your mom sure as hell does. “If you don't see the book you want on the shelves, write it.” –Beverly Cleary

Don't quit or run away from a challenge. Deal with it as if you run you are going to face the same challenge again, just shows up with different people and situation.

"Everything in moderation, even moderation" lol Jenni this is why I eat too much 🙃
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