Medieval Scrapbooks Fit For a King...or Queen

A few months ago we received an email from Beth, a loyal and longtime customer who had purchased several of our Medieval Leather Journals.

She had purchased the X Large size, which measures 10" x 14", and holds 80 pages of beautiful handmade Amalfi paper.  Brand new, these journals are about an inch thick, as you can see below.

As Beth continued to fill the journals they became quite full. Page after page she added everything from photographs, magazine clipping, ticket stubs, notes, and really anything she could get her hands on.

Needless to say, the books became very heavy and the thread that had been hand sewn into the bindings became loose.

Beth reached out to see if we could restore the journals, a request that we did not take lightly. We usually do not do restorations. Our concern is always preservation of the content filling the pages. Since Beth was such a longtime customer, Jenni took the project on personally and Beth sent us 6 of her journals.

The restored book can be seen here on top of one of the damaged books.

All six of Beth's restored journals.

When we received them we were blown away by what they contained. 

We thank Beth for allowing us to share these images of her journals and for entrusting us with her beautifully crafted scrapbooks. Hopefully these books can be a source of inspiration as to what a blank journal can become with time and creativity.