At the heart of our mission here at Jenni Bick is the belief that blank pages inside a notebook represent your untapped potential and your story yet to be written. This belief has helped us connect with so many wonderful individuals over the years who share the same belief. That is why we we were more than excited to work with the DC Amputee Cycling Clinic as a community partner. 

Dc Amputee Cycling Clinic at their 2020 event 

 Working alongside other local organizations, prosthetists and physical therapists the DC Amputee Cycling Clinic organizes a cycling event, through Rock Creek Park, as a way to help get amputees more active and teach them new skills, such as adaptive cycling. Organizer Katie Savage believes that teaching new skills and working out, not just your body but your mind, is vital to healing. 

"I was motivated to organize this event because of my own lived experience as an amputee and wanting to make a difference in the lives of so many who experience this."

- Katie Savage

Jenni Bick Custom Journals is honored to be able to participate and donate journals, featuring an inspiring quote from our 2021 Black Voices Collection. 

There are a multitude of reasons for why journaling is so beneficial. One of them being that it not only helps to unlock your inner potential but it is a key to self care and self healing. We make the journals but you give them new life and new meaning. Thanks to people like Katie and her organization, we'll always be dedicated to making and bringing you the best journals we can find.