Have Journal, Will Travel

A travel journal is a great way to remember every detail and feeling from your trip. Fill it with photos, ticket stubs, receipts and write about the smells, tastes and sounds of where you are.

Our Basecamp Journal is a great size, which makes for a perfect travel companion.

It's nice to get ideas from other people on the way they design and layout their journals, and what they add to them. Below are some examples of travel journals that we were inspired by.


Amy Schubert
This travel journal is from a trip she took to Alaska, be sure to take a look at her blog to see more: Lemon & Raspberry.


Kolby Kirk
These are the journals he kept on his attempt to complete as much as he could of the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail, a wild and scenic pathway from Mexico to Canada. Check out his blog to see more: The Hike Guy 


This is a journal she kept from her travels, "all hand made, every page is hand-cut from old books, remnants of craft paper, etc. Cover is based on old book cover that i found on the street...". See more from her here: inmost_light 


Olya Schmidt
From her travel sketchbook from a trip to Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. You can see more pages from her sketchbook on her website: Olya Schmidt


From a Japanese vacation that she took. You can see more from this self-proclaimed "micro-adventurer" at her blog: Campfire Chic