A Unique and Colorful One of a Kind Baby Book

Custom baby book leather journal

Our creative customers use their One of a Kind Leather Journals for many things - daily writing, scrapbooks, art journals, sketchbooks, photo albums, you name it! The newest idea we've seen is using a One of a Kind Journal to make your own, original One of a Kind Baby Memory Book!

Best baby book custom leather journal

Here is a great starter list of memories you will want to make sure to include (written by Shannon Clark, found on Affording Motherhood blog)

List of Baby Firsts – 37 Memories to Record for Baby Book

1. About Mommy and Daddy Pregnancy

2. A Story from Pregnancy

3. How Mommy and Daddy Announced the Pregnancy

4. Mom’s Favorite Foods While Pregnant

5. Birth Class

6. Baby Shower(s)


7. Doctor or Midwife’s Name

8. Birth Story

9. How You Named Your Baby/ Namesake

Custom best baby book leather journal

Holidays & Events

10. New Year

11. Easter

12. Thanksgiving

13. Christmas

14. Pictures for each month

15. Christening/ Baptism/ DedicationFirsts

16. First Smile

17. First Laugh

18. Rolling Over

19. Sitting Up

20. First (and Second) Tooth

21. First Kisses

22. Crawling

23. First Foods

24. Standing

25. Waving

26. Walking

27. Word

28. Says “Mama” and “Dada”

29. First Hair Cut

30. First Birthday

31. First Vacation

Best custom baby book leather journal


32. Favorite Food

33. Favorite Songs/ Lullabies

34. Favorite Toys


35. Growth: Weight, Length, Percentile

36. Nicknames

37. Messages and Memories Written by the Loved Ones in Your Baby’s Life

Custom embossing baby book leather journal

The One of a Kind’s look beautiful with personal embossing. Add your little one’s name and birthday on the cover to make your Baby Memory Book even more special.

What are some other suggestions to include in your Baby Memory Book?