A Journal 200 Years in the Making

We are so excited to finally share our newest addition, SPECIAL EDITION YVES KLEIN BLUE REFILLABLE LEATHER JOURNAL , with you all!



This limited edition journal is inspired by the "the most perfect expression of blue" used by renowned French artist Yves Klein. Klein used International Klein Blue, IKB as its also referred to, as a central theme in many of his works. His use of this rich and vibrant blue cemented not only his reputation as one of the most astonishing artists of his generation but also the limitless possibilities of color. 

Now in 2021 a new blue called YInMn Blue, the first blue pigment to be discovered in over 200 years, is finally available to the public. The pigment is far more vivid and saturated than Cobalt or even Prussian Blue, making it a must have for many artists. Although they're not the only ones that are trying to get their hands on YInMn Blue.

Even industrial companies want to use this new pigment because of its opaqueness and ability to reflect infrared radiation. Making it a top contender for use in building materials. 

Today YInMn Blue's versatility encompasses part of Klein's philosophy that color is an “open window to freedom, as the possibility of being immersed in the immeasurable existence of color” . All this, 65 years after Klein first entered what is now known as his "Blue" period, changing how we viewed color.

We invite you to explore not just the limitless possibilities of color with this journal but also the endless possibilities of a blank page waiting to be filled by you.